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Stonegate Fellowship in Midland, Texas, is seeking a passionate and dedicated Men’s Minister to lead and coordinate efforts to connect with men, encourage them to become spiritual leaders, and equip them to live according to God’s calling. The Men’s Minister will serve as a primary teacher and vision caster for the Men’s Ministry, overseeing both large and small group settings, building and maintaining a strong leadership team, and organizing a calendar of events and activities aligned with the ministry’s strategy. This individual will model a healthy example of biblical manhood, provide pastoral care and support, and pioneer a new ministry in collaboration with Stonegate Youth to engage fathers of the next generation. The Men’s Minister will play a vital role in the overall mission and vision of Stonegate Fellowship, exemplifying godly character for the younger generation as a model of a Man of God.

Midland, because of its geographical location, has fostered a strong sense of community and connection among its residents. The largest age group in this area is the 18-30 year olds, contributing to the transformation of Midland from a quiet town to a vibrant and dynamic community. The infusion of energy, coupled with the entrepreneurial mindset and abundant resources, has resulted in numerous initiatives that prioritize the well-being and togetherness of families and the community as a whole. Key figures from Stonegate, including past and present Midland mayors, are actively involved in creating a groundbreaking community plan to further enhance unity and collaboration among the people.

Stonegate Fellowship is a church that is confident in who they are and how they can impact the community for Jesus. Their mission is to see everyday people being transformed by Jesus to love and influence others every day. They believe in welcoming anyone, regardless of background or circumstances, to discover Jesus. They embrace the everyday individual and invite everyone to join them on this journey. There are no distinctions, masks, or pretending required. They have all experienced incredible grace, and in turn, they extend that same grace to others. They open the doors and arms so that anyone can experience the transforming grace of Jesus.

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