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Churches come in all different flavors, sizes and styles. We have put together a few descriptive statements that will help you get a feel for who we are.

* We are an non-denominational church: Everybody is welcome to attend our church as we focus on biblical truths that unite instead of denominational beliefs that separate.

* We are an evangelical church: We teach the Bible and the historic truths of the Christian faith found in God’s Word.

* We are a contemporary church: We are a group of people who enjoy expressing our faith in culture-current ways using contemporary music and multi-media.

* We are a loving, accepting church of people who are on the adventure of a lifetime: coming to know Christ and growing to become more like Christ.

* We are a Christ-centered church: Jesus Christ is the reason we gather, the Savior we worship, the Word we proclaim, the One we love, the motivation of our mission, the example we follow and our coming King we anticipate.

* We are a Spirit-led & Spirit-empowered church: We are cooperating with the work of the Holy Spirit in leading people to Christ and helping them become more like Christ

* We are a worshiping church: We love to worship our God and celebrate who He is, what He has done in Christ and what He is doing by His Holy Spirit.

* We are a diverse church: While you will find unity of faith centered on Jesus Christ, you will also find a diversity of ethnic groups, races, clothing styles, etc.

* We are an intergenerational church: You will find programs and ministries that connect with all ages and interests.

* We are a fun-loving, creative, relational church where people matter and creativity is encouraged and joy is contagious.

* We are a seeker-sensitive church: We want to help seekers of all kinds to connect with God; seekers far from God and seekers who may know God but want to get closer to Him.

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