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Each church has a unique way of expressing its purpose and living out its beliefs. Within our church family, we see our mission as glorifying God by encouraging all people to pursue a lifelong, joyous relationship with Jesus Christ. Put simply, we exist to love God and love others.

As we pursue this mission together, we focus on the following vital signs and core values as guidelines for spiritual growth and ethical living.

We believe that these four activities are vital for a strong, growing faith:

Worship: Adoration of the risen Christ
Instruction: A deepening knowledge of God
Fellowship: Meaningful relationships with others
Expression: Opportunities to compassionately serve others

We believe that how we accomplish our purpose is as important as the purpose itself. So, we focus on these core values as essential to ethical ministry:

Character in Ourselves: A result of a growing relationship with Jesus Christ . . . lives characterized by integrity . . . solid, stable, and secure.
Honor to Others: Providing an atmosphere of respect where each person can contribute and thrive.
Grace in Our Relationships: Practicing thoughtfulness, kindness, generosity, courtesy, freedom, forgiveness, encouragement, and appreciation of others’ differences as we inspire greatness in those around us.
Excellence in Our Pursuits: Reflecting the infinite excellence of the God we serve . . . producing the highest quality ministry programs, materials, and personal service possible.
Glory to Our God: Living by faith . . . entrusting our talents, finances, and plans to God’s control.
Accountability to One Another: A willingness to answer for one’s life, characterized by vulnerability, teachability, honesty, and availability.

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